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Post Irene Flooding on Great Egg Harbor and Mullica Rivers

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Atlantic County is now experiencing anticipated flooding on the Great Egg Harbor River in Hamilton Township and the Mullica River in Mullica Township as heavy rainfall from the storm is producing increased water levels. Since midnight river levels have risen one half foot and are still rising.

The impacts were first felt yesterday as water began to wash over roadways causing some damage and making some roadways impassable. The county had notified residents in advance of the flooding via Global Connect phone messages that they should prepare for flooding and to potentially leave the area. An additional message was sent at 6 AM this morning advising residents to evacuate if their properties were endangered and they felt it unsafe to remain.

"Although we may have escaped Irene relatively unscathed, river flooding still poses a dangerous threat. Our job is to protect the safety of our residents and to advise them of potential risks and dangers and what actions they need to take to prepare and respond," stated County Executive Dennis Levinson.

Roads that are currently experiencing flooding include:

Hamilton Township
Weymouth DaCosta Road between Route 322 and Weymouth Mizpah Road
5 Points (Lenape Ave., Park Rd., Hudson St., Ken Scull Ave., 3rd St.)
Route 561 spur(Mays Landing Blue Anchor Rd.) between 8th and 54th St.
Route 322 at Palace Pizza

Mullica Township
Elwood-Pleasant Mills Road between Nesco Road and Jackson Road
Nesco Road at Burlington County line

Columbia Road near Airport Road

Egg Harbor Township
Bridge EHT 21 on Somers Point-Mays Landing Road, between English Creek and Zion Road

County engineering crews continue to assess roadways and bridges for damages related to Hurricane Irene and current river flooding. Motorists are advised to proceed with caution and not to drive through standing water.

Residents who need assistance should call their local Office of Emergency Management. Contact numbers are posted on www.ReadyAtlantic.org and also available in the blue pages of the phone book.

Residents with damage from the August 26-28 storm may report it by completing the online form on the county web site at: www.aclink.org

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