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Jennifer Scott


Sitting here watching Dan Skeldon, the MAN during this whole hurricane affair. He thrives on this stuff and we all are lucky to have someone so dedicated to his job, his passion. I don't realize how long he's been our local meteorologist, until I actually feel comforted when I see his face on the tv screen, giving us all the weather info we need...every time, every weather emergency. I don't know if that means the years have slipped by and he and I have been here in this part of the world longer than I realize or that I pay more attention to the weather now (as I get older??) OR, if the extreme weather is coming our way more often as it seems....something I will ponder as I ride this storm out. Life becomes so much more precious as I age, watching my children grow and become adults themselves. Right now, battling with my oldest who is a surfer....and now an adult, (who of course knows everything since becoming a member of the NJ and PA Bar...)...but still my precious son...and I'm still his Mom (!) Anyway, friends, be safe. Living in S. Florida when I was younger and braver, we saw some bad, bad, storms. You never know how it will play out, no matter what the predictions and graphs and charts. No one feels like a hero when you're sitting on top of the roof surrounded by water. Use your common sense and be kind to your neighbor, next person in line, car in front of you. And to my surfing my Hawaiian family says, respect the water, respect God's will. Love, Peace, Faith & Joy. Jen

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