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Labor Day saturday and it seems like just yesterday it was May! The older I get the faster times seems to pass. Again, I didn't get to the beach as often as I'd have liked, but ahhh the beach days of September are glorious. After a tumultuous spring and summer, I'm looking forward to the fall, my favorite time of year. When the light is golden and it's peaceful and less hectic. A week ago we were all preparing and waiting for Irene. I, like all of us, am thankful we were in that calm part of the storm when she passed our shores. We dodged a bullet this time, but I know we won't be so lucky the next. I fear for the the people that felt it was overblown or unnecessary to evacuate...because they probably won't the next time, which would be a mistake and possibly life threatening. I am so proud to be a part of Longport Media who continued to broadcast on all five stations throughout the weekend..keeping us all informed and safe. Dan Skeldon was the man of the weekend. Pinky, Don Williams, Barbara Altman, David Spatz, Kim Butler and more, everyone behind the scenes-answering the phones, gathering information, running the board, producing...senior management too.. Dave Coskey, Paul Kelly...they never ask anyone to do anything they wouldn't do themselves. It feels like a family and we all work together. It's been a journey getting here, back to the radio waves, back to WTKU, working again with some old friends and some new friends I'm looking forward to getting to know. It's a great group of people. I think I'll stay forever (!). Life has a way of working out if you keep your arms open. I'm thankful.

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