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Somehow I couldn’t write about today until it was over. This past week I, like everyone else saw the tributes, shows, documentaries, press, stories and articles about the tenth anniversary of that horrible day we all remember, that changed our lives and our country.  We’ve all lived thru the changes since then, both personally and as a country. We’ve stood in the line as the airport that are now commonplace. We’ve endured the fear that seemed to envelop our lives and still comes when we hear of threats, and attacks, and even the natural catastrophes that seem to be happening with more frequency.  One of the more interesting interviews I’ve seen was with Phillip Selikow, executive direct of the 9/11 Commission Report.  He states in a new afterword in the book, that we’ve shown the world that the USA has become more resilient in the last 10 years, and that we must continue to do so. That we will learn (and have) from this and any crises. That we will absorb the shock, mitigate and manage it, so that a handful of zealots doesn’t make us dance to their tune. And that we will carry on. We must learn how to do it with honor and dignity and not stoop to their level. It think these characteristics apply to us as a country, and also as individuals.  We’re all going to go through trials, tribulations and horrors. It’s how you carry yourself and what you learn from each instance.  Will I stoop to their level? Use violence or hate? Or will I dig deep and go with the sometimes harder option, of moral character, dignity and respect?  It’s hard to demonstrate respect when it’s not given.  But ultimately, we each have to look at our own face in the mirror and lay our own head down at night. Did I do the right thing? Or did I stoop to their level and take the easy, angry, way out?

Everyday is a gift, and sometimes a struggle.  Some days are diamonds and some days are dust. It’s what we do with each day that counts.  Give. Love. Forgive. Cry. Laugh. Count your blessings. Hug our kids, mother, father, sister, brother, dog, cat, pet.  Be thankful for our health and for the family and friends in our lives. For the roof over our heads. For the food on our table. Learn from the mistakes. Be kind and positive and do the best we can.  Wake up each day thankful to be alive and living in the best country on the planet. We all count and we can all make a difference. Every day. Random acts of kindness always work both ways.  Always, always, when I’m feeling down, blue, angry or just out of sorts, doing something for someone else always makes me feel better. I don’t know it that’s selfish or not. But it always works for I can move on and out of that place of feeling bad.  We will never forget the horror of that day, but hopefully we have and will continue to learn how to be resilient. With dignity, honor and grace. Respect.

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